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24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services in SE Wisconsin

Homeowners in southeast Wisconsin can trust Northern Mechanical for emergency plumbing services. Our plumbers are licensed & insured and respond to plumbing emergencies promptly. We strive to get your plumbing problems under control fast and effectively so that your home can get back to normal. Our 24-hour emergency plumbers are available in Kenosha, Racine, & Milwaukee. We’re proud to serve homeowners in Lake County, IL too. Call us at 262-770-0221 for plumbing help today!

Do you have water spraying everywhere? Are your drains clogged? Is your water not getting hot? Do you suspect a gas leak? These are just some examples of plumbing issues you may want super quick emergency plumbing services. These are issues that come without notice, unexpected and very inconveniently. Whether commercial or residential, plumbing emergencies are time sensitive – and we’re on it!

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Emergency Plumbers Kenosha, WI

Plumbing Emergencies We Can Help You With Include:

Emergency Plumbing

Clogged Drains

Whether it’s a clogged kitchen or bathroom drain, we can fix it! Clogged drains are a common plumbing problem for homeowners. Our plumbers have the knowledge and technology to quickly and effectively unclog shower, sink, and tub drains.

Emergency Sewer Services

Sewer Systems

One of the worst plumbing emergencies you can have is a sewer backup. If you suspect a clog or blockage in your sewer line, our rodding specialists will get to work quickly to help you eliminate the chance of a sewer backup or to get the backup under control.

Emergency Plumbing Leaky Pipe

Leaky Pipes

If you’ve noticed a considerable spike in your water bill, or worse, have visible water damage, a leaky pipe may be the culprit. We’ll find the problem pipe and replace it so that you can avoid further water damage. In the winter, we help homeowners repair frozen pipes as well.

Emergency Water Heater Service

Water Heaters

We’ve become accustomed to hot water, and when it goes out, it can be a significant inconvenience. If your hot water is out, and an unlit pilot light is not the cause, we can help you determine the exact problem and if repair or replacement is the most cost-effective solution.

Emergency Sump Pump Service

Sump Pumps

In southeast Wisconsin, many homeowners rely on sump pumps to keep their basements flood free. When a sump pump fails, you risk more than than a burden of cleanup. Water damage and mold are the problems you’ll face after standing water has been removed.

Emergency Gas Line Repair

Gas Lines

While most plumbing problems are a nuisance, a faulty gas line can be a safety risk. If you have noticed or suspect a gas line problem, call our licensed plumbers for emergency repair. We’ll help you find the best solution for your home at the best price.

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