Whole Home Water Filtration Installation in SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois

Drinking Water Filtration System

We use water for more than we think in our day to day lives. Drinking, cleaning, cooking, and even heating our homes in some cases. Especially if you are hooked up to well water, there could be unknown minerals and bacteria lurking in your pipes. Northern Mechanical is proud to offer water filtration systems in both residential and commercial near you! We have solutions for any issues you may have from odors within your water to hard water. Contact your go to five star water filtration professionals at 262-770-0221 for a free quote on water filters, water softeners, and iron curtains in and around Union Grove today!

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Our Water Filtration Services

Water Filtration Systems

Northern Mechanical has many years of experience in installing and maintaining water filters of all sizes. We will help you determine what filtration system your home or office needs and get you set up with clean drinking water that tastes great! Our team of professionals know all there is to know about providing safe and tasty water to your home! Contact Northern Mechanical today to get delicious drinking water in your home!

Water Softeners

Hard water can not only be a pain for your hair and skin, it can also wreak havoc on your appliances. Your washer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and water heater can all be affected by hard water build up and wear down faster than they should. A water softener will break up the calcium deposits in your water that can clog pipes and cause dry skin and hair. Northern Mechanical can install an easy to navigate water softener in your home that will save your appliances from these harsh minerals! Contact us for a quote and more information on residential and commercial water softener installation near you today!

Iron Curtain Installation

Iron can be the source of a stained shower and tub, rotten odors in water, brown tinted water, and weird tasting water. An iron curtain filter will remove iron and sulfur from your water. Northern Mechanical is proud to be the go to iron curtain installation company in SE Wisconsin and NE Illinois. If you’re looking for cleaner, better tasting and smelling water, contact the top choice for water filtration systems today at 262-770-0221!

Northern Mechanical, LLC is Racine County’s favorite for all water filtration systems! We provide high quality services at unbeatable prices! Contact us today for more information and a free quote at 262-770-0221!

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