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Licensed, Insured, and Certified Commercial HVAC in Southeastern Wisconsin

When it comes to your HVAC system, you can’t trust just anyone. Your HVAC is responsible for keeping your clients and employees comfortable and your products safe! You want to make sure your HVAC professionals are skilled, experienced, and honest. Northern Mechanical is proud to be your go to for all commercial HVAC services in and around Kenosha, Wisconsin! We offer heating, cooling, refrigeration, boilers, walk-in coolers and freezers, and split systems. If you’re looking for commercial HVAC professionals, contact Northern Mechanical today for more information on all of our services and to receive a free quote!

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Emergency Plumbers Kenosha, WI

Heating and Cooling Professionals in Racine County

Your heating and cooling make a big difference to your business. Whether you manage a large factory or a small retail store, your employees and clients want to be comfortable in your establishment. If your heating or cooling goes out during extreme weather it could cost you more than just the cost of repairs. Keeping up with routine maintenance and proper care can prevent major issues that could cause you to close and lose revenue. When there is a repair needed, trusting the best professionals available means your heating and cooling is back up and running quickly! For more information on our commercial heating and cooling maintenance and repairs, contact Northern Mechanical today!

Emergency Plumbing

Commercial Refrigeration Service in Racine County

If your commercial refrigerators go out you’re not only spending money on the repairs, you’re also forced to throw away everything that was being stored in them whether that’s food, medication, or anything else that you’d need constant cooling for. Proper maintenance and speedy repairs means less money wasted on spoiled goods and having to close down for repairs. For high quality and affordable refrigeration services, contact Northern Mechanical today!

Emergency Sewer Services

Commercial Boiler Repairs and Maintenance

Our team of professionals can be onsite quickly to assess, diagnose, and repair your boiler without costing you an arm and leg! We offer highly skilled and experienced technicians so you can trust you’re always getting the best from us! Whether you need a repair or a replacement, know that Northern Mechanical should be your go to for all commercial boiler needs! For more information and a free quote, contact Northern Mechanical today! 

Emergency Water Heater Service

Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Repairs

If you’re looking for walk-in cooler and freezer service, look no further than Northern Mechanical! We provide high quality and affordable walk-in cooler and freezer repairs, installations, and replacements. Don’t let a broken down freezer slow down your business! Contact southeastern Wisconsin’s top walk-in cooler/freezer technicians for a free quote today!

Emergency Sump Pump Service

Split System HVAC

A split system is a fantastic option for harsh Wisconsin weather, but when it comes to installing or performing maintenance on your split system HVAC you want to make sure you’re always using experienced and skilled professionals. If done incorrectly, your split system could end up costing more in repairs and replacements. If you want the job done right the first time, contact Northern Mechanical today for a free quote!

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